Ciaran is a Dublin based composer and songwriter.

He works with renowned trailer companies Elephant Music, Colossal Trailer Music, GO+B, and ReallySlowMotion Music and has recently composed tracks used in blockbuster film trailers such as ’Avengers Infinity War’, ’Wonder Woman’, ’Dr. Strange’, ’Star Wars: Rogue One’, & ’Blade Runner 2049’, to name but a few. The Wonder Woman ‘Origin Trailer’ and the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ’Story Trailer’ which feature Ciaran’s music won awards at the coveted Golden Trailer Awards in Hollywood.

On the film front, Ciaran has worked on films for the Alzheimer Association of Ireland’s ‘Living With Dementia’ campaign for award winning director Ken Wardrop, and was also music consultant on his IFTA winning feature documentary ‘Mom & Me’. He has worked with Zink Films on the animated short ‘The Great Fall’ which was directed by Gary O’Neil and written by Oscar winner Benjamin Cleary.

Ciaran has also composed music used in adverts on numerous TV channels such as NBC , CBS, Disney XD, ESPN, Prosieben and N-TV. And he has also had music featured in TV shows such as Republic of Telly for RTE in Ireland, The Voice in The Netherlands, Bondi Rescue, Germany’s Next Top Model, WWE Smackdown, and many more.



If you would like to get in touch with me with regard to my music please contact me at the following email address. If you have any queries on licensing music for trailers please contact my publishers using the details below.